Wednesday, July 21

Thrift Store Success!!!

Thrift store success indeed!!

1. Hot pink Good Work Clothes blazer- I paid $3.00 bucks for this! It's a little too huge but I can either wear it "boyfriend blazer" style or get it altered.

2. Navy and gold military style EXPRESS blazer- Also $3 bucks!! Omg this blazer fits me sooo well! It's like it was personally made for me!

3. Fuscia and gold ALDO shoulder strap purse-Originally 24.99 with tag still on it marked down to $5 bucks! I would totally pair this against a simple white v neck to make my outfit POP!

4. Red "Chanel-esque" Neiman Marcus shoulder strap purse- I bought this for $1.50, wow!

5. Fuscia EXPRESS skinny belt!- $1 buck! Real Genuine Leather, made in Italy!


Anonymous said...

what great finds! that neimans purse is amazing

Niki B. said...

whoa awesome finds, you are a thrifter extraordinaire!

xx Niki

t said...

Sweet finds!