Monday, January 25

Ralph Lauren on Pharrell!

WTF happened to Pharrell? Dirty old man??? Ew, shave that thing on your lip.
But on a serious tip...I love that Ralph Lauren Puffer Vest, (Olympic Games Down Vest) retailing for $295.00 at
Cop it while you still can.

Friday, January 15

Mens Fashion: SALE!

Australia Washed
Lambskin Leather Jacket

Varsity Core Pop Art Jeans

Coogi D-Line Mid

Royale Australian All Over Plaid Button Down

Blac Label
Face Your Fears Woven

Blac Label
Live Long Victory Polo

Blac Label
Courage to Live Tee (B&T)

Blac Label
Lies Hustle Woven (B&T)
So I got a request to do a post on Blac Label and Coogi earlier today and I found a website with a GREAT SALE going on for both of these brands! "CLEARANCE UP TO 75% OFF". The pics posted here are only a couple items from the actual sale! This website has a bunch of other brands such as Ed Hardy, LRG, Miskeen, Parish, Lacoste and PLENTY more. If your interested check em out at

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Time for a Little Testosterone! The LV Varsity Jacket.

This Louis Vuitton Varsity Jacket retails for $1,870! Ummm, us "common folk" cant afford this, but this shit is FLY! I must say if I was a dude I would rock this SHIT to da fullest! Sooooo, on dat note I found a lil sum sum that resembles this with the whole "preppy" theme for way cheaper!!!


Items in this set:
Baser Eclipse Jacket, $89 -


Wednesday, January 13

Rihanna for "W" Magazine: February 2010

One word. AMAZING!

Tuesday, January 12

................CALVIN KLEIN

Random Photo

Fashion model David Agbodji by Steven Klein for Calvin Klein's summer and spring collection. A FRENCH model turned photographer residing in New York, NY. I saw this picture and my mouth literally dropped to the floor.