Sunday, March 21


My new Louis Vuitton  purse. I love it! It's bright pink and suede. Both sides are the same. I love the little dangly accesories! They remind me of building blocks in kindergarten.

Bottom View.

Monday, March 15

A white Grace Jones?


I know Im late as hell, but o well. Amber remade a very graphic photo of Grace Jones' a few weeks ago. I like it, but, Grace's body is more lengthened and posed, good try Amber. 

ROCKiN PASTELS....remake :)


I remade Zoe Kravitz's violet pastel look today. I was just feeling pastel-ish and spring-y. So I thought of her picture and went with it! I used only my 120 palette...

Saturday, March 6


Zoe Kravitz is featured in the March 2010 issue of Instyle Magazine. I must say she looks beautiful in these shots. My absolute FAVORITE is the lavender look. Omg, I stared at this picture for like ten minutes. Haha. The look is so springy and soft! I love it, and will be creating my own version soon :)

Jolly Green Giant???

Cute, Chic, first thoughts when I saw these pics! Alot of people were saying she looked like a "Jolly Green Giant" and this was a green mess, but HONEY please. She worked this! She is the fashion QUEEN in my book. Not everyone is gonna look at your outfit and "get it", but hey, that's what fashion is ALL ABOUT! Thinking outside the box. Work bitch!

PS: The makeup is DOPE. Love the smoky green.

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